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The neutral territory for fire and ice to exist

HaoHorohoro_Fire and Ice
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Good day! This community is for those who likes Hao X Horohoro as a couple. (They are characters from Shaman King)


Well, why this couple, you ask? Both characters did not really have any close interaction like Hao and Ren or Yoh or something like that. I concede to this point too but the thought of them being together intrigues me.

A lover of fire and our resident guy who is close to ice; That sort of opposing pair somehow draws people to them. The 'opposites attract' is a very common and well liked theme and it applies to this couple too...Horohoro's antics and mannerisms is similar to a typical skateboarder city boy while Hao comes off as a nature lover type (though in reality, Horohoro is both types while Hao seems to be neither)

Anyway, they just look cute together and that is enough to pair them up.


The things to be done when posting:

Anybody can join and post so long as art and fanfictions are behind an lj-cut.
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